Work method

We help you define your sustainability strategy and embed it in the core of your company. Sustainability goes beyond philanthropy. Sustainability can become a driver to develop new products and discover new markets and opportunities for your business.

Global changes in regulation to stop the climate change effect, pollution, natural resources give space for innovation and acquisitions of a different type of company and opens up new relationships through the development of Public Private Partnerships.

Through partnerships, public funding can be maximized to develop sustainable channels to reach out to people who would not be a mainstream target group of a business. We can support with grant proposal writing.

We help you define your vision, strategy and targets that we can capture in a so-called “pledge” report to give direction to the policies and programs that internally need to be developed to reach targets and align targets of your M&A and business development teams accordingly. Using existing software infrastructure in your company we help you build a sustainability monitoring system for continuous improvement of programs and to measure performance.

We write your sustainability report according GRI4 standards.

The process will include the following steps:

  1. Gap analysis: Benchmarking, Policy Assessment, Interviews
  2. Stakeholder analysis, Risk assessment
  3. Define key material issues, sustainability strategy and principles
  4. Define key policies, targets and programs and review mission, vision statement of company
  5. Integrate into internal processes and supply chain
  6. Monitoring: Collecting data through data management system & Feedback
  7. Reporting
Through our partnership network we can provide you with tailored advice and unique solutions.
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